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Self publish - Publish for free

Publish for free

You can create and self publish your book within a few minutes. For free. We guide you through the process: from manuscript to cover design.

Self publish - Get your own copy

Get your own copy

You can order your book starting from a single copy. For example, you can order your very own paperback for less than €10!

Self publish - Sell via bookstores & social media

Sell via social media

Set a sales price and start selling your book via bookstores, social media and your website. Per sold copy you earn an attractive royalty!

Sell your book your way

We provide your widgets, website and more!

Sell directly to your loyal fans via your own channels to receive a higher margin per sold copy. Keep customer data, instead of letting them go to the bookstore. Sweek provides widgets and buy buttons which you can use via social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others) or place on your website, for free. Your fans, friends, family and network can spread the word using these widgets as well!

Example of the click-to-buy widget. You can place it on your own website and post it on your social networks

I got great feedback on my story on Sweek, so I decided to publish it. Having my own printed book in my hands and seeing my fans buy it feels amazing!

Maria Violeta Cruz, author

Our pricing

Publish for free. Receive a high margin per sold copy.

We don’t have any stock, which means you can self publish free of costs, starting from just one copy. We print your book when a customer orders it and deliver it directly to buyer. We keep costs low while producing a high quality book, so that you can order a low-priced copy for yourself and earn high margins per sold copy!

Example paperback pocket book – 150 pages – paper cream

Sales price $14,99
Net sales price (excl. tax) $14,99
Your margin $ 5,77

That’s 38% of the net sales price

Short story bundles, novels, trilogies and more!

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