About Sweek publishing

Sweek – a global community of writers and readers

Sweek publishing is part of Sweek, a platform where anyone can read, write and share stories all over the world. In an instant and at no cost. Via our mobile apps and website, writers can create a fanbase of loyal readers. On Sweek you can find stories from aspiring and well-known authors, in all genres. Follow your favourite stories, get notified when new chapters are out and give your feedback. Going on a holiday? The stories you follow are saved on your phone, even offline. Have your own masterpiece in mind? With Sweek you can easily write on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
https://sweek.com/ – read, write and share stories via the app and website
https://selfpublish.sweek.com/ – publish, print and sell books

Millions of people dream of writing a book: we enable them to do so

We are an online book publisher that enables you to easily publish your book and e-book at no cost. Our platform supports you during the publishing process and assists you with promoting and selling your book. Our aim is to encourage writing and reading on a global scale.

Publishing made easy

Our website offers all the functionalities you need to publish, promote and sell your book and e-book. Within just an hour you can publish your book, order it by yourself, sell it via bookstores and sell it directly on social media and your own website. We offer high quality Print on Demand and offset printing for large quantities. There are no costs involved and your margins are high.

Selling the way you want to

We offer various options to sell your book. First you can buy your book at attractive discounted rates (including volume discounts starting from just 3 copies) and sell it to your readers. Besides that there is our own webshop, links with relevant bookstores and the opportunity to sell books directly to customers using social media and own websites. The margins, especially when selling your books directly, are high.

Insights in your sales

Our authors have instant access to all their activities, including the status of their sales and their earned margins. We pay our authors on a monthly basis.

We are here to help you

Our support team is always stand-by to guide you during the process of publishing and selling. We understand how important a book is for you and are highly motivated to make you proud of your book.

Part of a global network

Sweek publishing is a subsidiary of Mybestseller, one of the leading parties in self-publishing (Mybestseller.com), direct selling (Booklink.io) and mobile publishing (Sweek.com). With over 40 brands in various countries, Mybestseller and Sweek support hundreds of thousands aspiring authors on a global scale. Mybestseller offers third parties a white label publishing platform, in their own look and feel and branding. Inquiries for partnerships can be sent to: info[at]mybestseller.com