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When you want to sell your book via (online) bookstores, just use our free bookstore connection. It’s easy to select the bookstores where you’d like to sell your book. No worries about distribution, complex administration or payments. We take care of all of it.

Once you published your book, it can be ordered by all connected bookstores. Online bookstores add your book directly to their webshops. The availability of your book via these webshops can be important for the sales of your book.

Keep in mind that bookstores keep between 30%-50% of your net sales price.

How to create your book

Publish a book – The publishing process

In just a few steps you create your book and you will be able to print and sell your book

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Basic setup

Choose between a paperback or e-book. Of course you can choose them both too! Decide on the size your book and choose your preferred paper type. Add an ISBN if needed (only if you want to sell via bookstores).

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Upload files

Upload a Word, PDF or E-pub document. To make things easy you can use our customized Word templates. You can easily create your own cover by using our free Designer tool or by uploading your own ready made PDF, jpg of png file.

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Set your sales price and define your margins. You decide where you sell your book. Margins will vary per sales channel and per country.

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Publish your book

Publish a book and start selling it via your preferred channels. Sell books via your own website and social media using our sales widgets and earn the highest margins! Of course you can always buy discounted copies by your self, starting from 1 copy.

I never expected so many responses! Publish a book and sell it ... it's really possible.

Maria Violeta Cruz, author

How it works

What happens when a bookstore sells your book

When a bookstore sells your book, the book will be directly printed via Printing on Demand. It will be shipped by the bookstore and we receive an notification of each sale. Your will see all the sales results in your account. We pay your margin on a monthly base. So there is no need to put your books on stock, of course it is smart to always have some copies to sell to your direct network.

Publish book - What happens when a bookstore sells your book