Self publishing - how it works
Turn your story into a book

From manuscript to cover design - How do I publish a book?

Self publishing - basis setup
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Publish your book – Basic setup

The first step is the basic setup of your book.

Book settings
You decide what type of book you want to publish (paperback or e-book), as well as the size, cover finish, paper type and if the book will be in black & white or full color. Then, it’s time to fill in the title, subtitle and author name!

An ISBN is optional. If you only want to sell to your customers directly via the Sweek shop, an ISBN is not needed. If you want to sell via other retail channels such as bookshops, you’ll need one. We offer an ISBN at attractive rates.

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Interior design

You can upload a Word, PDF or epub file. Our platform will do all necessary checks and will convert it into a printable pdf (or readable epub). After the upload, we’ll provide you the final version which you need to check.
Please note that we don’t make any changes in your manuscript, so for example it should contain the proper lay-out and page numbers.

Word templates
Use one of our templates to get a quick start and give your manuscript a professional look. We already took care of all necessary pages!I

Self publishing - Interior
Self publishing - publication information
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Publication information

We need you to enter a variety of information like subject, category, key words, desired publication date and synopsis. This information will be used in webshops, the back of the cover and for Google search. This way, potential customers can find your book more easily!

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The importance of the cover speaks for itself: people will judge your book in the beginning by its cover as it is their first impression. We provide you two options:

Easily create a neat and professional cover using our design tool CanvasDesigner.

Custom design
Want to use your own preferred software? We got you covered with specifications for uploading a custom designed cover. After that, you can upload the cover and we’ll show you a print preview.

Self publishing - cover
Self publishing - Price & sales channels
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Price & sales channels

You set your own sales prices and your margin. In our self publishing platform we offer a variety of sales channels, always including our own webshop, direct selling via social media and the relevant bookstores.

Sales channels
Select the sales channels and countries where you want to sell your book.

Determine your sales price and your margin. Margins will vary per sales channel and per country.
Check your prices

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Ready to publish?

Publish your book whenever you are ready. Within an hour your book will be for sale on our webshop and via social media! Self publishing is that easy.

Guided check
In the last publication step, we expect you to have a detailed check of your files (manuscript and cover) and all settings, like your sales price.

Order and check printed book
Always order a proof copy before publishing. There just always seem to be these tiny mistakes, typos or cosmetic issues. A printed copy ensures you that you will find all these nasty ‘bugs’! This way, you can upload an improved manuscript before publishing!

Self publishing - Publish your book